Principal's Desk

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our school website, an endeavour to create an online resource that provides all relevant information about APS No.2, Roorkee and I hope that as you peruse through the contents of this website, you will get a sense of the rich flavour of life at our school.

In recent times when the speedily changing educational scenario has given to creativity its long denied due, Army Public School is committed to assert itself as a diverse anthology of creative force. Keeping pace with the ongoing transition though we have been updating ourselves as per the contemporary requirements, yet we believe that the dictates of the market, however forceful they may be, need be followed with caution. Having a global vision indeed is indispensable, yet we have to cling to certain values, certain ideals, as they constitute the core of our identity, our very being.

The success of education hinges on the collaborative efforts of people who care about the next generation.

Let us work together to refine our education system and enhance the quality of education for the benefit of each and every student.

Let us resolve not to reduce the generation in hand into information packed unidirectional zombies……. these times of million mutinies do need hearts which may feel happy because the sky is clear, the breeze rustling through the leaves is pleasant and inviting enough to have stroll in a lonely street and the flock of birds returning back to nests as the sun sets will scale new heights with the sun rising again the next morning.

I bless, my students, recalling these words of George Bernard Shaw  –

 I am not a teacher; only a fellow traveller of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead- ahead of myself as well as of you.

I hope that you will find useful material by visiting this website, which contains a wealth of information including the School’s organisational structure, policy highlights and updates on various services, events and activities.  Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.  Thank you.

 My best wishes

Mr. Sandeep Pant