1.         The Annual Charges are required to be deposited in April of every session, only, Further, monthly fees of school fee is required to be deposited quarterly, during 1st to 10th of first month of every quarter. After 10th of first month of every quarter, the fine for late deposition will be charged by the bank officials as per details as under:-

Upto 10th of First month of the quarter                 –           Nil

Upto 20th of First month of the quarter                 –          100/-

Upto 1 month                                                            –           200/-

Upto 2 months                                                          –           400/-

Upto 3 months                                                          –           750/-

If Fees and fine are not paid for more than three consecutive months, the name of the Student will be struck off the Roll.

2.      For Army Wards Only :-  In case of change in fee category, i.e. in case of promotion from OR Category to JCO Category or JCO to Offr Category, it is responsibility of the Parent to immediately inform the school for such change. The change in fee category will be considered from date of publishing of Part II Order and the Parent is liable to pay arrears for difference in school fees.



1.    Parents can pay their ward’s Fee through APS DIGICAMP. 

        The login Credential for your ward is as under  :-

         (a)      USER ID        –     First 5 digit student ID (without zero (0))

         (b)      PASSWORD  –    password (in small letters)

         (c)       Date of Birth –   as registered with School

         (d)       SCHOOL        –   ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL NO 2 ROORKEE

         (e)        CAPTCHA    –   As shown in the box         


In case any clarification is required, The Parents can call or message their query through Whatsapp on Mobile Number +91 9045310276 (between 0900 hrs to 1300 hrs only on working days) for assistance.